No Need To Brave The Cold!

We’ve Been Selling and Installing Fireplaces for Over 15 Years

Those winter months can get to be pretty chilly here in Central Virginia. Warm-up your home with a vent-free gas fireplace from Payne Pools & Spas. Not only are they a perfect way to heat a chilly area in your home, but they also are great for updating the look of a room! Our Culpeper and Warrenton locations have an extensive selection of vent-free gas fireplace systems from R.H. Peterson and Empire Comfort Systems

Gas fireplace services from Payne Pools & Spas in VA

Gas Fireplaces

They look great. They work great. And they’re efficient. The beauty and warmth of a vent-free gas fireplace will have you wishing you installed it years ago! These units waste no gas while operating, as they are 99% heat efficient. Gather your family and friends during those chilly nights and curl-up by the coziness and serenity of your fireplace. We provide:

  • Vent-Free Gas Logs
  • Vent-Free Fireplace Systems
  • Vent-Free Gas Stoves
  • Blowers
  • Decorative Accessories

Gas Logs

The visual appeal of a normal wood-burning fireplace without nearly as much work! Tired of having to chop and search for wood every time you want a fire? We will install and clean your gas logs so you can heat your home without the pain of starting a real fire! Gas logs are reusable, look great, and produce realistic flame patterns!

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